A car in the shop

What I enjoy about playing card readings is that playing cards are convenient, and the techniques use logical deduction based on patterns and suits. I've lately been practicing with playing card readings, using the techniques taught by Camellia Elias. And what follows is a recent reading prompted by some work I had to have done on my car.

My car had to go in to the shop for some maintenance, but also because there was a loud rattle sound whenever the engine was idling. When they called to say they had to remove the transmission, I wondered exactly how much it was going to cost me. If the problem was under warrenty, it would be covered, but if not, it would be a lot of dollar signs.

Having said, "go ahead and do what you need to do," I did a reading to see what the cost would me.

Question: how bad is the car going to cost me?

Question: how bad is the car going to cost me?

The prediction:

Not nearly as much as I fear. The 2C shows the work that needs to be done. The 5H moving to AD is a progression from a lot to a little. 5H, showing my concerns in this case, but pointing out they are emotional, and the AD, showing that it will just be a little bit of money. (Using the guideline that 1 is a little and 10 is a lot.)

The result:

The work was covered under warranty, so I paid little more than the scheduled maintenance, and also got a rental covered while things were in the shop.

Bad news, but good prediction!

Horary astrology is a great tool for answering specific questions and gettings insight into situations that you are close to.

This entry's reading is one I did recently and is a great example of how, when you ask a question, you have to be prepared for disappointment.

My question: Will I get the role that I have auditioned for.

Some background. I spend a lot of time in theatre-related pursuits, including performing. I recently auditioned for a musical production and got a call back. I didn't hit it out of the park, but I did hold my own. However, the competition was stiff.

When I hadn't heard back one way or another the following day, I felt impassioned enough about wanting to know what my chances were, that I cast a horary chart, illustrated below.


The first thing to note is that Gemini rises in the hour of the moon. This gives the chart the quality of being "not radical" or "not rooted." It doesn't make the reading useless, but it does indicate a potential cloudiness in the reading. But, I still went forward.

In this chart, I am represented by the Mercury (ruler of Gemini). Mercury is very well dignified, which is a good sign to start with, basically saying I brought my A game, such as it was.

The role I wanted (or more accurately, the decision makers for casting the role) are represented by Saturn, dignified by term and face. The decision makers are perhaps a bit distant, but they don't have it out for anyone, and since picking one person for the role means saying no to 4 others, Saturn is a decent representation.

The competition, such as it is, is indicated by Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house. Dignified by face.

So, now we start seeing who's in a better position w.r.t. Saturn: Jupiter or Mercury. Start with looking as aspects.

Jupiter and Saturn are separating, and Mercury and Saturn are mutually applying. So far so good! But it's a pretty wide trine, and one "testament of success" does not a positive reading make, so I looked closer.

This is where things get a bit less great:

Mercury is retrograde, so yes, I'm coming close to Saturn, but I wondered if I'd actually "make" the trine. Looking ahead a few days, I see that Mercury never actually gets a chance to "perfect" its aspect with Saturn. I take a run at ti, and then stop and turn around. This is a kind of "refrenation" which testifies against my goal of getting the role.

Additionally, Mercury is so close to the sun as to be considered "combust." Another strike. And finally, even though Saturn and Jupiter have just separated, Saturn is dignified in a sign ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is well dignified in a sign ruled by Saturn. Even though they are separated by a few degrees, there are still vestiges of reception between the two planets. Basically, they're getting on well. And to top it off, Saturn, representing the person making the decision, is placed right in the 7th house, that of my competition.

So... in the wash, I didn't think I was going to get the role. I also noticed that the moon, representing action, is slow, so I was not only not getting the role, I was going to have to wait to hear back.

And that brings me to this morning. As predicted, I did not get the role. At least, it was less of a surprise, having taken a peek at the outcome through the stars a few days before.


Face what needs facing...

Today's post comes from a follow-up reading to a "general" overview reading during which the need to face some emotional baggage came up.

The sitter asks: Ok, I know intellectually that I should probably get a little bit of councilling to face these issues, but part of me wants to keep with the status quo? So what happens if I do or don't face things?

To answer this, I used a lenormand deck, which I'm really enjoying lately, and put down two lines:

1st line: what can be expected from facing the issues?
2nd line: what happens with the status quo?

Deck: The Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward (Inset Cards and Curiosities)

Deck: The Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward (Inset Cards and Curiosities)

I read the status quo first, because it was really clear. Keep the status quo, and you will remain anchored. You have a desire to move forward, but you're not going to go very far unless you lift the anchor and let the ship sail!

And what about facing the issue? With expert assistance (King in the Lily card) You will finally be able to put your heart to rest.

These are the readings I love because they give a succinct statement without being dictatorial.

A question of work

Cards are tremendously useful in providing insight into questions of action, and for offering a dispassionate view on a situation.

The querent asks:

I have an opportunity to apply for a new position at work. I'm not sure if I should go for it. What can I expect from going for the new job vs. keeping the status quo?

For this, I did a two line reading using Lenomand Cards (The French Cartomancy Deck by Lo Scarabeo). The first line shows what the querent can expect from the new job. The second line shows what happens if they maintain the status quo.

First line:
You go out into the world with the heart of a bear.
What strikes me most in this line is the heart begin so central, and the young jack of hearts in the inset. Bears can indicate a managerial position, so I wouldn't be surprised if this new opportunity meant you were overseeing a wider area. See how the bear in the picture looks down from his perch on the world below him.
The garden shows a wider area of interaction, really getting yourself out there and noticed for something you're passionate about.

Second line:
You rest in the solidity of your home, gazing out at other opportunities.
The status quo is going to be just that, the status quo. You're recognized where you are (see the king of hearts ruling over his domain) but the man and woman are both very static.  They look out at the garden, but don't go out to join it. This indicates that if you stay where you are, you'll do fine, but will be dissatisfied after a while. There will be a fight against the inertia of where you are, cause leaving home is a difficult thing, but you'll eventually want to move on.  I would not be surprised if a woman points the way.

The querent (a professed skeptic) replies with that phrase that always happens when someone is told what's in front of them, but can't quite see it, "Fuck!".

Needless to say, they have applied to the position.