52 Readings was created to share my readings with other people who are interested in such things, and to allow people to request readings from me.

I've had an interest in divination as long as I can remember, and did my first card reading over 30 years ago. Since then I've experimented with many different practices and methods. My favourites are those that, to paraphrase my I Ching teacher, ask for "an image from heaven" which can then be interpreted. The interpretation is always a mix of logic and inspiration.

Story-telling is as ancient as humanity; who doesn't love a good story! Divination and story-telling are so closely related in my mind, which is why I like to use the term "reading" for what i do. In a way, by doing a divination, I'm reading a story to the querent about their own life and questions, providing a view that may not have been obvious.

Please, come into my site, and enjoy the readings! And, if you are so inclined, you can book your own reading, and see what narrative you may be moving through, yourself!